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Holistic Homestay  

Holistic Homestay is a residential therapeutic / healing experience which I offer, along with my husband Frederick, in our home - a beautiful Georgian townhouse. It is primarily for people who would benefit from taking a concentrated approach to their health and well-being, often during or after a difficult period of life, emotionally or physically – e.g. following a bereavement, job loss, relationship break up, illness or surgery. 

We each have extensive experience in working with people developmentally and therapeutically, and between us we offer a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills which include Coaching, Counselling / Psychotherapy (including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy which is a body-based approach to managing trauma and stress), Family Constellations, Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic Practice and leading walks / treks in nature. For more information on Craniosacral Therapy and Shamanic practice, please take a look at Frederick’s website. 


We are passionate about nutrition and believe in the Hipprocates view of ‘Let food be thy medicine’ – hence we can cater for any dietary requirement and all our food is healthy, local and organic where possible. We also have a yoga and meditation room. 

Located in the centre of Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, we are just 25 minutes from Edinburgh and a short drive to many stunning beaches and countryside walks. Parking is available, and we are able to collect Holistic Homestay guests from Edinburgh airport or Waverley train station. 

Rites of passage are accompanied by tenacity. The tunnel of death and rebirth demands supreme effort, demands holding on without orientation until the light.

Marion Woodman

Our Holistic Homestay guestroom is beautiful, has a large en-suite bathroom and is on the middle floor of our three-storey home, which is not used during the day (the other room on the middle floor is our living room, which we only use in the evening) – so you will have plenty of privacy and space. We should warn you, however, that we have two little dogs called Barley and Magic. They can be nosy - so you may get an unexpected visitor if you don’t keep your guestroom door closed! They are cocker spaniels and, like us, are most welcoming. 

A stay of 3 or 4 nights is ideal, but we can sometimes accommodate people for longer periods. For more information, please get in touch. After an initial conversation or email exchange, we would look to set up a time to have a chat on Zoom or FaceTime, so that you can ‘meet’ us to discuss your needs and decide if Holistic Homestay is the right choice.

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