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Clinical Supervision

Like my client practice, my supervision practice is integrative and I work either in person in central Haddington, or online via Zoom. I hold a Diploma in Counselling Supervision which is accredited by the UKCP and offer private supervision for those who work with adults. I do not currently undertake organisational supervision.  

It is important to me to co-create a contract which balances your needs as the supervisee with the needs of your clients, and of course the ethical and theoretical frameworks within which we operate will be key considerations in our work together. Of equal significance however is the requirement in this work to be creative, and I aim to provide a supervision experience which is explorative and fun.

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If you would like a free, no obligation conversation to explore whether we might work well together, please get in touch.

Psychotherapeutic work can be exhausting and overwhelming, energising and rewarding, and all things in-between. I therefore also aim to provide a supervisory space in which you can safely land to reflect and make sense of the disorientation which this work often brings. Your development as a practitioner is important to me – whether in relation to increased confidence in your work, being able to bring those things we have perhaps all wished we could speak about as practitioners but dare not, or consideration of future direction.

As you may have seen elsewhere on the website, I trained originally in Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling, went on to do further training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and, more recently, in Systemic Constellations. In addition, much of my CPD and personal development has been in the transpersonal field, so my approach to supervision weaves together working somatically (I’m passionate about the untapped resource that is the body’s innate intelligence) with intergenerational and spiritual considerations.

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