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Data Protection Policy

When you contact me you are consenting to my use of your data according to the Data Protection Act 2018, so please ensure you read the information below. Any personal data you provide will be held and processed in accordance with the principles contained within it. I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and this policy refers to my collection, use and storage of your data. 

As a minimum, I require identifiable information for the purpose of communication. Beyond your name, mobile telephone number and email address, further information is optional. 

If we are to work together on a regular basis, I will also ask for the completion of a registration form in accordance with my insurance policy which asks for home address, what you hope to gain from our work together, GP details and any medication you are taking. When received via email, the registration form is printed and kept in a locked cabinet, then deleted from my email server.

Emails, calls and texts which exist on electronic devices are all password protected. Pseudonymised attendance records and brief session notes (kept where required for the purposes of supervision, invoicing and insurance) are stored electronically. I bank with Santander and my online work is conducted on Zoom. Any collection of data by these companies is subject to their own privacy policies.

Under normal circumstances, your details will not be shared with anyone without your knowledge and consent, and will be destroyed three years after our work ends. The only circumstance which may be an exception to this would be where I considered that you or another party were at risk of serious harm, or if I am required by law, a professional membership body such as the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the ICO or my insurance company to do so.

Please look at for more information about your rights.

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